Head and upper part of the neck naked, the skin bluish: plumage on the body bluish gray, with white spots.

N. Meleagris, Temm. Pig. et Gall. torn. II. p. 431. and torn. III. p. 680. Guinea Pintado, Lath. Syn. vol. II. p. 685. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. I. p. 332.


Entire length twenty-two inches: length of the bill one inch three lines.


Head bare of feathers, and covered with a naked bluish skin; on the crown a callous conical protuberance, compressed at the sides and directed backwards, of a bluish red colour; at the base of the upper mandible, on each side, a loose pendulous wattle, bluish in the male, red in the female: upper part of the neck nearly naked, being thinly furnished with hair-like feathers, which on the nape are directed upwards; the skin bluish ash; lower part of the neck feathered, inclining to purple: general colour of the plumage on the other parts, dusky, or dark bluish gray, sprinkled all over, the breast alone excepted, with round white spots of various sizes: back very much rounded: tail short, and bent down: feet brownish red. (Egg). Yellowish white ground, mottled all over with reddish yellow: long, diam. two inches; trans, diam. one inch seven lines.

Brought originally from Africa, but has long been domesticated in Britain. Is very prolific; but the young are difficult to rear. Of a restless disposition, and very clamorous.