General plumage reddish cream-colour: behind the eyes a double black streak.

C. isabellinus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. II. p. 513. Cream-coloured Plover, Lath. Syn. vol. ill. p. 217. Id. Supp. p. 254. pl. 116. Mont. Orn. Diet. Cream-coloured Swiftfoot, Selb. Illust. vol. II. p. 217. pl. 33**.


Entire length ten inches: length of the bill nine lines. Mont.


General colour of the plumage reddish cream or buff orange, the feathers in some places with pale edges; throat whitish; behind the eye a double black streak directed towards the occiput: quills black: lateral tail-feathers black towards their extremities, the black including a small white spot: abdomen whitish: bill black: legs yellowish brown. In immature birds, the scapulars and wing-coverts are crossed by numerous, fine, zigzag bars of a darker tint, more particularly towards the tips of the feathers: the black streak behind the eyes very faint. (Egg). Unknown.

A native of Africa, very rarely occurring in Europe. In England only three specimens have been hitherto observed. The first of these was shot near St Albans, in Kent, many years back; the second was killed in October 1827, at Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire; the third in the year following, at Freston, near Aldborough, in Suffolk. Very little is known of its habits. Said to inhabit dry plains, and to run very swiftly.