Tools Needed

Your 3-inch-broad knife; cloth or newspapers for protecting woodwork and floor; stepladders or horses; No. 2 sandpaper; warm water; soda (1/2 pound to 1 pail warm water).

Steps In Removing Oil Paint

Where the old coat of paint has peeled in just a few places, scrape these spots with the broad knife until all loose paint has been removed. Sandpaper these bare spots and the edges of the old paint around the spot. Paint the spots and allow to dry thoroughly, at least 48 hours. When thoroughly dry, smooth the joining edges, using fine sandpaper and then give the entire wall a coat of washable paint. For a good finish, sanitary and easily cleaned, give the wall, after the first coat has thoroughly dried, a coat of eggshell gloss or any paint that is prepared by a reliable manufacturing concern and guaranteed to give you a dull-finished, washable wall surface. If the finish seems perfectly good with no peeling or any sign of it, we may wash the wall with warm water and a mild soap to remove all dirt and grease and then give it a coat of paint immediately over the original coat. Where the wall is greasy, add four tablespoonfuls of washing soda, while the solution is warm, and wash off all dirt and grease, rinse with clean water and allow to dry.