One of the principal reasons why the light is so bad in many homes is that no change has been made in the original installation to keep pace with the rapid advancement in lighting practice. This is particularly true in homes that are rented, inasmuch as the occupant quite naturally is unwilling to make permanent changes which he cannot move away when he leaves the house. It is possible, however, at very little expense to greatly improve old lighting installations with removable equipment which will remain the property of the buyer. The two principal ways in which existing fixtures can be modified so that the advantages of modern illumination may be enjoyed in a considerable measure are:

(1) By shading all bare lamps to reduce brightness and to eliminate glares and shadows. This may be done by using glassware reflectors or shades, enclosing globes or bowls.

(2) By the extensive use of portable table lamps, floor lamps and small ornamental lamps. Some rooms can be adequately lighted by these alone.