A Progressive Monthly of the Building Trades. A Practical Magazine for Architects, Builders and Mechanics, profusely and appropriately illustrated. 24 pages of text (exclusive of advertisements), with Supplemental Plate.

Established 1879.

New York.

Subscription 81c year.

Carpentry and Building

In paper, printing and engraving Carpentry and Building is first class, and in all respects a handsome publication, at a price so low as to put it within the reach of all. It is eminently practical, treating only of those subjects which interest the trades addressed, and giving information which every one connected with the building industries can make useful in his daily work. Every Carpenter, Builder, Architect, Cabinet Maker or other person engaged in any branch of the building trade should be a subscriber. It is so good, so interesting and so cheap that all practical men are pleased with it. The subjects discussed include Carpentry and Joinery, Framing and Construction, Masonry, Plastering, Roofs and Cornices, Heating and Ventilation, Plumbing, Cabinet Work, Painting and Decorating, Architectural Design and Drafting.

One Dollar A Year

Remit by Postal Order, Registered Letter or Bank Draft to order of David Williams, Publisher, 96-102 Remde Street, New York.