Plain wainscoting is worth about 90 cents per square. The cap should be estimated by the foot extra, according to style of finish. Paneled wains-coating is often worth twice or three times as much as plain work.


To finish a kitchen sink in the plainest style is worth $2, and some styles finished in hardwood are worth as much as $ 10.


A bathroom having in connection a wash bowl and a water closet, finished in the plainest style, will take a good workman two days, and is worth $7. An inexperienced hand in this kind of work will require about three days to complete the job. Some styles of hardwood finish will require from four to six days' work and are worth from $ 14 to $ 21.


The shelving and finishing of a pantry in the plainest style is worth from $3 to $5. Pantries with flour chests, spice drawers and numerous other things, shelves inclosed with doors, all elegantly fitted up, are worth from $25 to $40.


The cheapest kind of cellar stairs are worth from $3 to $5 and the plainest kind of box stairs from $8 to $12 per flight. Plain open stairs with hand rail, newel post and balusters are worth from $20 to $35. Stairs and staircases finished in hardwood may vary from $50 to $ 150. It is frequently worth from $ 10 to $20 to set the newel posts and put up the rail of some of the most elaborate designs.