These are made of various sections; some of them may be illustrated, but need not be described.

Rail Bars 300153

Figs. 132.

Rail Bars 300154

Fig. 133.

Rail Bars 300155

Fig. 134.

Rail Bars 300156

Fig. 135.

Rail Bars 300157

Fig. 135a.

Double-headed Rail (Fig. 132). - Formerly a section in common use, but now mostly found on British lines only.

Vignoles or Flat-bottomed Rail (Fig. 133), used especially on Continental lines, in India, and the Colonies.

Bridge Rail (Fig. 134), used mainly by the Great Western Railway Company for the broad-gauge traffic.

Tram Rail (Figs. 135 and 135a), are only two of the many forms of sections used for tramways in streets.