IN this work, which is intended primarily for students in every trade concerned in Building Construction, - and which has been arranged on the basis of Notes prepared for a Course of Lectures on the subject, - the Author has endeavoured to deal, in a concise and practical manner, with all the details of the construction of a building. He has aimed also at giving such a description of the nature and characteristics of the various Building Materials in general use, as should be sufficient (with other subjects dealt with in the volume) for the purposes of the examinations in Building Construction prescribed by the Science and Art Department, the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the Surveyors' Institution, respectively.

Students, who may be preparing for the Elementary and Advanced Examinations of the Science and Art Department (see Appendix, pp. 421 to 424) will be able, by following the abstract of the requirements of their several stages, to omit, in their reading, those portions of the work with which their particular class is not concerned; while Honours students, and those preparing for the Examinations of the Royal Institute or the Surveyors' Institution, will find that the work covers the ground sketched by the Syllabus of each of those bodies.

While the courses prescribed by the several authorities referred to above are those which the Author has had specially in mind, it need hardly be pointed out that the materials here provided will be available for preparation for other examinations covering similar ground, as well as for students not seeking certificates; the Authors aim having been to provide what he believes is not to be found elsewhere in a form at once so complete and so compact - namely, a Handbook of Practical Building Construction, which should be found useful by all who seek proficiency in the rudiments of the Building Arts.

It is believed, also, that the work will be found of material service as a Book of Reference by both Operative and Master Builders, as well as by Houseowners and Estate Agents, Surveyors and Architects, and others whose interests are to be promoted by acquaintance with its subject.

It should be mentioned that the numerous diagrams and other illustrations, about one thousand in number, have been specially drawn and engraved for this work.

The Author takes this opportunity of tendering his thanks to those personal friends and other gentlemen - specialists in their several departments - who have so kindly assisted him with their suggestions in relation to one or other portions of this work.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, September 1893.

Publishers' Note To Second Edition

IN issuing the present edition, the opportunity has been taken by the Author of carefully revising the work throughout, and of inserting a few additional illustrations, with the necessary explanatory text. A few of the original illustrations have also been re-drawn, with a view to greater effectiveness. Subject to these several improvements, the work is again issued, without abridgment, substantially in the form in which it has already attained to such extended popularity as the "best and most complete text-book on Building Construction."

September 1897.