After the tent, came the hut of wood or stone.

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Fig. 2.

The construction of the stone huts, or beehives, so called from their shape (see Fig. 2), was a combination of both house and roof, and may still be found in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. It is supposed that this period was followed by the cliff and the lake dwellers. The former hewed out caves in the cliffs to form a covering to protect them both from the weather and from the attacks of enemies. The lake dwellers seem to have been imbued with similar purposes, for they cut down trees, which they drove into the bottom of lakes, and upon these built huts with thatched roofs (see Fig. 3). The lake dwellers' huts were very picturesque and mostly found in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ireland. In Mexico, in South America, and in African regions, there are yet numerous colonies of lake dwellers.

3 Huts 226

Fig. 3.

The most noted cliff dwellers' works are in Morocco, in the Old World, and in Arizona and New Mexico, in the New World.