A paneled dome is shown in elevation in Fig. 52. The lantern under the dome is octagonal in form, with a window a in each side. The dome, however, is round in plan with a panel b located directly over each window. The top of the dome is surmounted by a statue, the base of which is shown at c. A vertical section through the dome and a few details are shown in Fig. 53. The elevation, Fig. 52, shows ribs d, d running from the cornice of the lantern up to the base of the statue, but these may be omitted.

At e in the detail (a), Fig. 53, is shown a method of securing the panels in place without ribs, when there is no panel molding. The panels are simply double seamed with cleat strips to the stile strip e as shown. But where ribs are desired on the stiles, or when moldings must be run around the panels, the connections may be made as shown at f in the same detail. If the panels have a larger surface than 3 or 4 square feet, secret tacks may be employed to advantage, as shown by dotted lines. A detail of the top molding of each panel is shown at (b), and a detail of the bottom and the wash over the corona of the lantern is shown at (c). These seams are all made in the shop, being locked and thoroughly soldered at the back, with the exception of i, which is made in place and is thoroughly cleated and soldered. The statue base is slipped down over a sheet-copper collar, and is secured to the top of the dome with four bronze bolts, which are threaded close under the head to make a permanent watertight connection. Fish-plates and nuts are employed underneath in the ordinary manner.

68 Paneled Dome 430

Fig. 52.

68 Paneled Dome 431

Fig. 53.