63. Following the rules and suggestions already given in this section, the estimate for a house will be made as a practical example, the drawings on which it is based being shown in the accompanying plates. In making the estimate, the various portions of the work are taken in the order in which they naturally occur in the erection of the building, following, as closely as may be, the estimating schedule heretofore given.

The student is expected to take off the quantities and perform all the indicated work for himself, as far as possible, checking up the figures given in the example. It is only by actually making the calculations that he will derive any practical benefit from the work.

No two estimators, working separately, will arrive at exactly the same results; and the student, in following the calculations in this example, will doubtless find some discrepancies between his figures and the ones given. These should not be important ones, however, and by carefully studying the methods followed, he should obtain substantially the same results as those computed herein.