Design Of Structural-Steel Columns

Structural-steel columns should be so designed that, where several lengths are connected end to end, the splice may he made in a rigid and secure manner; they should also be so constructed as to facilitate connecting floorbeams or girders on all sides. All beam connections to the column should be carefully designed and provided with sufficient rivets, to avoid failure of the connections by shearing of the rivets. Rivets in columns should be so spaced as not to exceed 3 in. center to center, at the ends of the column, for a distance equal to twice the width of the column. The distance between rivets from center to center, in a direction parallel with the line of strain. should not exceed 16 times the least thickness of metal of the parts joined; and the distance from center to center between the rivets at right angles to the line of strain should not exceed 32 times the least thickness of metal. Further considerations in regard to rivets and rivet spacing are given on pages 128 to 133.