It is not necessary to use expensive materials for fire-stops, but they should be carefully placed. Materials like mineral wool are the best, since they expand as the wood shrinks and fill up the space. Concrete which is held in position by strips of metal lath is also excellent. The concrete or mortar used can be made from refuse material, and need not have any great strength. Old bricks are satisfactory if they are slushed into position with mortar which fills all the crevices. Gypsum blocks are good except for damp location, where they absorb moisture easily and, holding it, induce dry rot in the surrounding timbers. Asbestos board, gypsum board, and metal lath and plaster are suitable for covering large areas, such as cellar ceilings, over the boiler. In fact, fire-stopping can be cheaply done with odd-and-end bits of material which usually go to waste around the building. The details of constructing these fire-stops are best shown in the illustrations, and no further descriptions will be necessary.

Fire stop of sliding door

Fire-stop of sliding door.

Fig 7.

Fire   stop of Wainscot

Fire - stop of Wainscot.

Fig 8.

Materials to be Used 58

Fig 9

Materials to be Used 59

Fig 10.