There is no great difficulty or secret in making simple garden furniture of concrete. Generally where the furniture is of simple lines, the mould can be made of wood. If, say, a bench is to be made, the top might be moulded as a slab of concrete, and the legs at the ends as slabs, and all fitted together. If flower-boxes are desired, the mould would necessarily have to be a little more complicated, but not greatly so. The one thing to remember in making any of these moulded bits of concrete is that they should always have embedded inside of them reinforcing wire lath.

Of course the making of ornamental pots and vases is rather difficult and takes some skill. Here the original shape must be modelled in clay, and a plaster mould made of it, which is shellacked inside and greased. Special cores must also be designed, and where fine surfaces are desired various processes of mixing ingredients must be resorted to. This is a special field of itself, and men who do this kind of work generally have studied out methods of their own. Some examples of this kind of work are illustrated.

Simple Types of Concrete, garden Seats

Simple Types of Concrete, garden Seats.

Concrete Vase for Garden

Concrete Vase for Garden.