The small house need not drain off its roof-water into the plumbing system, if the plumbing code does not require it. The simplest and easiest method to dispose of it is to collect the water in gutters, lead it down the waterspouts into pipes which terminate in a dry well in the ground. Small roofs over porches and back doors need not even have the leaders, but spill the roof-water out onto the ground, where a stone has been placed to prevent the undermining of the surface of the lawn by the wearing action of the water stream.

In outlying city districts where the sewers have not yet been installed it is customary to carry the roof-water in pipes below the level of the sidewalk to the gutters of the street or to a leaching cesspool which is independent of the cesspool used for sewage disposal, and which is practically the same thing as a dry well, for the bottom is made with gravel through which the rain-water seeps off into the surrounding soil.

Wherever the rain-leaders must be connected to the drainage system of the house, the sheet-metal leaders are inserted into cast-iron pipes called shoes at the base, which in turn are trapped on the inside of the cellar wall and connected with the house-drain. It is always best to try to trap a group of leaders to one trap rather than use a separate trap for each leader.