It would be well to mention here the new type of brick wall which is being advertised widely by the Common Brick Manufacturers Association. This wall is claimed to be very suited to the small house, and no doubt it would be, if it were possible to secure the co-operation of the local mason.

This type of brick wall is built hollow, and arranged as shown in the drawings. There are no continuous mortar joints from the exterior to the interior through which moisture can penetrate. There are many features of advantage which the following table shows, but, unfortunately, not all mason contractors will give the owner the advantage of the reduction in cost which this wall permits.

The Ideal Brick Wall 40

For 100 square feet of wall, 8 inches thick, the following materials are required:

For Solid Brick Wall

1,233 bricks.

2.6 sacks of cement.

2.9 bags of hydra ted lime.

. 7 cubic yards of sand. 9 hours of a bricklayer's time. 10 hours of a mason's helper's time.


904 bricks.

1 sack of cement.

1.2 sacks of hydrated lime.

.3 cubic yards of sand. 8 hours of bricklayer's time. 6 hours of a mason's helper's time.