The total cost is a combination of several very variable items as follows:

1. Value of quarry privilege;

2. Cost of stripping superincumbent earth or disintegrated rock;

3. Cost of quarrying;

4. Cost of dressing;

5. Cost of transportation (teaming, railroad, etc.) from quarry to site of work; G. Cost of mortar;

7. Cost of centering, scaffolding, derricks, etc.;

8. Cost of laying;

9. Interest And Depreciation On Plant;

10. Superintendence.

Some of the above items may be practically nothing, in cases. The cost of some of the items has already been discussed. The cost of many items is so dependent on local conditions and prices that the quotation of the cost of definite jobs would have but little value and might even be deceptive. The following very general values may be useful to give a broad idea of the cost:

Cost of Stone Masonry

Rubble Masonry in Mortar..

$3.00 to $ 5.00 per cubic yard.

Squared-Stone Masonry..







Dimension Stone, Granite Ashlar..