The usual outfit for bending the bars cold consists of a strong table, a vise, and a lever with two short prongs. The outline to which the bar is to be bent is laid out on the table, and holes are bored at the point where the bends are to be made. Steel plugs 5 inches to 6 inches long are then placed in these holes. Short pieces of boards are nailed to the table where necessary, to hold the bar in place while being bent. The bar is then placed in the position A-B, Fig. 173, and bent around the plugs C and D, and then around the plugs E and F, until the ends EH and FG are parallel to AB. When bends with a short radius are required, the bars are placed in the vise, near the point where the bend is wanted, and the end of the bar is pulled around until the required angle is secured. The vise is usually fastened to the table. The lever shown in Fig. 174 is also used in making bends of short radii. This is done by placing the bar between the prongs and pulling the end of the lever around until the required shape is secured.

Fig. 174. Lever Bender,

Fig. 174. Lever Bender,.