Placing Of Fixtures

One feels inclined to turn aside for a moment from the purely decorative effects in the kitchen furnishing to plead for a careful placing of the essential furnishings, range, sink and work table, so as to keep the working space within small compass. The height of these same articles plays no small part in the comfort of the workers. Most kitchen sinks are too low, and however much the plumbers may insist that it is the "regular height", the mistress should see to it that it is made the height she finds convenient. It is a great waste of energy to be obliged to bend double in so simple a process as dish-washing.

The sink should be ample in size and the faucets set well up and back. Breakage is much more apt to occur in a narrow sink than in a broad one.

The Bedrooms. The Mattress

The bedroom is the place for individual expression such as is not attainable in the family room. The first requirement is a good bed; be the mattress hair, wool, cotton or husk, it should be the best of its kind. Many people have a wrong sense of values in regard to bedroom furnishings. Much too large a proportion of the total expenditure goes for something other than the mattress, and yet one-third of a life is to be spent on the bed, so the mattress and springs should have the first consideration. A hard wood floor and a rug or two help to the simplicity which aids restfulness and to the cleanliness which is one of the most desirable elements in bedroom furnishings. Here is a chance for dainty belongings, for light and airy wall papers, - cool blues, greens and pinks - not with fantastic figures that dizzy and perplex by their intricacies. The bedroom is not to be a sitting room, but a sleeping room with perhaps an easy chair and one or two favorite books, beside the mirror and drawers in dresser or chiffonier. The bath room may relieve the necessity for a wash stand and thus save the trouble of caring for the articles it reciuires.

Bedroom Floor Covering

One has a large opportunity for choice in the matter of suitable bedroom floor coverings - mattings in great variety, fiber carpets, Berea rugs or the more expensive ones.

A very attractive bedroom can be made with white enamel paint, white iron bedstead and the Japanese matting with its blue figures and a blue rug. An old dresser may be quite transformed by a coat or two of white paint. Rattan chairs because of their lightness make good bedroom chairs.



BEDROOM IN A RESTORED OLD COLONIAL HOUSE Edmund Quincy Sylvester, Architect.

BEDROOM IN A RESTORED OLD COLONIAL HOUSE Edmund Quincy Sylvester, Architect.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most useful rooms of the house and can easily be one of the most attractive. Good plumbing, a commodious tub and a stationary wash stand are its most attractive furnishings. A hard wood or tile floor with a small rug, a wainscoting of wood, tile, or cement made to resemble tile, with paint or oilcloth above, give a good setting for the necessary fixtures. A small cupboard for the bathroom accessories, a larger one for the towels, a washable curtain, a good mirror and a towel rack complete the list of essentials. A desirable addition is the chute, by which the soiled clothes may be sent down to the laundry. Some very ugly bathrooms have been transformed by a generous use of white paint and enamel.