Western City Houses

One feature in the plans of Western city dwellings must be clearly defined. This is their openness. Not only are windows upon the average larger than in the East, but they are more frequent.

Price says: "The ordinary older cottages, those of a quarter of a century ago, were generally planned with a single entrance facing the approach; this opened from a porch into a passage rather than a hall, with the stairway starting a few paces within and running straight up the side wall to the floor above; the parlor and library to right and left, with the dining room beyond the one and the kitchen beyond the other. Between the last two came the butlery and servants' stairs and the back door, which usually in the family life of the occupants became the thoroughfare to and from the house. This, pure and simple, was the general plan from which the house of to-day started. Step by step it developed; the passage became a hall; the staircase changed its position; the parlor became less important, the fireplace more so."*

So much, or rather so little, out of all that might be said for the evolution of the house in the United Porch Treatment Typical of Old Colonial House in Pennsylvania joy Wheeler Dow, Architect States. Let us next consider certain essentials in planning for one of these modern houses.

*"Homes in City and Country".

A THREE STORY COLONIAL HOUSE Typical of the New England Town Type, Common in Salem, Portsmouth, Newburyport.

A THREE-STORY COLONIAL HOUSE Typical of the New England Town Type, Common in Salem, Portsmouth, Newburyport. etc.




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