I WISH here to express my thanks not only to the owners, but also to Messrs. Francis H. Kimball and F. Y. Joannes, the architects of the House that Jack Built, and to Messrs. Hiss and Weeks, the architects of Tom's house, for their courtesy in allowing me to secure the necessary photographs, and use them as I have used them, to help present in dialogue facts and fancies about house furnishing. While I believe that the little story has attractive merit, I feel entitled to claim but a small part of the credit for its success, as it was suggested by Mr. Walter H. Dyer, the editor of Country Life in America, in the pages of which it first appeared, and to the publishers of which I am indebted for permission to reproduce it in book form; while Mr. Arthur G. Eldredge was responsible for most of the photographs, and Mary for the vivacity and human interest of the narrative.

G. L. H. New York, March, 1914.