Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal shingles are made either of tin or terne plate or of sheet steel painted. They possess the regular advantages of metal roofing, being fire and lightning proof, of light weight and not being easily cracked or detached. Like shingles of any kind they cannot be laid on flat roofs. They are manufactured in a great variety of sizes and forms to fit different kinds of sloping roof, are durable and present a fine appearance. Metal shingle roofing weighs from 90 lbs. to no lbs. per 10x10 ft. square.

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is made of felt paper soaked in a preparation of rubber and then rolled. It is put up in rolls 32 ins. wide and is laid lengthwise of the roof and fastened either with strips running up and down the roof about 2 ft. apart or with nails and tin washers. After being laid the roofing is coated with two coats of slate paint, the upper coat of which is sanded. Rubber roofing is very cheap and is especially suitable for temporary roofs or for sheds where an expensive covering is not required. When painted it does not take fire easily, and it can be laid on roofs having a pitch as flat as 2 ins. to the foot. It does not make a hot upper story as some other coverings do. The slate paint does not contain tar and so will not crack or peel off, and it is very elastic. The color is chocolate brown. As usually laid the layers are lapped about 2 ins. The cost of rubber roofing complete as described, including nails, painting and sanding, runs from about $2.50 to $3.75 per 10x10 ft. square, according to the thickness of the felt paper used.

Asbestos Roofing

Asbestos roofing is made of canvass coated on both sides with a water-proof composition and lined on the bottom with Manilla paper and on the top with asbestos felt. It is laid in horizontal courses and fastened with nails and tin washers, and afterwards it is coated with asbestos paint. Asbestos roofing weights complete as described about 85 lbs. per 10x10 ft. square and costs about $4.50 per square. The covering requires occasional repainting, the paint costing from 40 cts. to 50 cts. per gallon and one gallon covering about 100 sq. ft. Asbestos cement for stopping leaks and calking around chimneys costs from 5 cts. to 10 cts. per pound. Asbestos building felt in rolls 36 ins. wide weighing about 70 lbs. per roll costs about 12 cts. per pound. This paper runs 6 lbs., 10 lbs., and 14 lbs. in weight for thin medium and thick paper, respectively. Another paper made from long fibered asbestos costs about 15 cts. per pound.

Wood Shingle Roofing

According to Kidder's "Architects' Pocket book":

"The average width of a shingle is 4 ins. Hence when shingles are laid 4 ins. to the weather, each shingle averages 16 sq. ins., and 900 will cover a square. If laid 4 1/2 ins. to the weather, 800 will cover a square; if laid 5 ins. to the weather, 650 will cover a square; and if laid 6 ins. to the weather, 600 will cover a square. This is for common gable roofs. In hip roofs where the shingles are cut more or less to fit the roof, add 5%. A carpenter will carry up and lay on the roof from 1,500 to 2,000 per day, or two and a half squares of plain roofing; 1,000 shingles laid 4 ins. to the weather will require 5 lbs. of shingle nails."

When cost will permit and the roof is not steep shingles should be laid in 3/4-in. of mortar, as the lime prevents decay. The life of shingles is greatly increased if they are dipped in paint before being laid.

Comparative Cost

The comparative approximate cost per square of 10x10 ft. of the several kinds of roof covering which have been described is given by Table IX.

Table IX. Giving Comparative Approximate Cost per 10 x 10 ft. Square of Different Roof Coverings.

Slate on iron purlins.....

$2.00 to $7.00 per sq.

Metal tile, tin.....

8.50 " 9.75 "

" " steel,;pad-coated....

10.75 " 13.75 "

Rubber roofing......

2.00 " 3.75 "

Felt and gravel......

6.50 "

Ornamental tile......

40.00 " 60.00 per M.

Tile shingles.....

21.00 " 35.00 "

Charcoal tin plates, I.C., 14x20 ins...

6.00 " 6.50 per box of 112

" " I.C. 20x28"

12.00 " 13.00 " "

" " I.C. 14x20"

7.50 " 8.50 " "

" " I.C. 20x28"'

15.00 " 17.00 " "

Cake plates, tin, I.C. 14x20 ins


" " " I.C. 20x28 " ....

11.50 " 12.00 " "

" " " I.C. 14x20 " ....


Charcoal plate, tarne., I.C., 14x20 ins..


" " " I.C., 20x28 "....

10.75 " 11.00 " "

" " " I.X. 14x20 " ....

6.40 " "

" " " I.X., 20x28" .....