The following specification has been prepared for the three cottages illustrated in Plate IV., which should be referred to from time to time as it is read. It is merely a suggestive model, upon which other satisfactory specifications for small work might be founded; but it is quite open to modification, and may by some be thought to be too complete. It contains no single clause but might be differently worded with just as good results, and in no case should it be copied and applied to other buildings without full consideration of the meaning of every sentence.

The principle followed is the usual one of specifying each trade separately in a sequence which has become customary, introducing the whole with a few general clauses which either refer to all trades or which cannot be allocated to any.

Within each trade the materials are first described, in greater or less detail according to the requirements of the case, and then the workmanship, in regular sequence from bottom to top of the building, as nearly as possible in the order in which the work would be executed. Each item has a separate paragraph devoted to it, and every clause is worded as a distinct order, as to the meaning of which there can be no dispute. Marginal notes indicating the matters to which the clauses relate should be in red; and in large specifications the clauses are numbered and indexed with great care.

In the present instance the stipulations as to quality are not severe, for cottage work is naturally not so elaborate or of so high a class as most other that an architect specifies for. Ordinarily good and honest work is all that is required.


Specification of Works to be done and the materials to be used in the execution of a row of three Labourers' Cottages at in the County of , according to plans prepared by and under the superintendence of


-------------------------------------[Address here]

[Date here]


All materials and workmanship are to be of good quality, to the satisfaction of the architect, whose decision is final.

All work reasonably to be inferred from the drawings is to be executed whether specified or not.

The work consists mainly of clearing site, grubbing up all trees, erecting new buildings and laying various new pavings and drainage.

The contractor is to supply all materials, tools, tackle, scaffolding, implements, and cartage, and everything necessary for the proper carrying out and completion of the works to the full meaning and intent of this Specification and the Drawings.

Clean windows, sweep flues, wash floors and stairs, remove rubbish, and leave all clean and tidy on completion.

All trades are to wait upon and make good after all other trades as may be necessary.