Since the above words were written several months have elapsed, and now, on the eve of the production of the First Volume, it is possible to express my thanks to the many architects of note who have kindly placed plans of the buildings which they have carried out at my disposal for purposes of illustration. By their aid it has been possible to render the earlier part of each Volume, so far as the book has yet been proceeded with, fairly representative of modern planning; and while each has been individually thanked privately, I think that this public acknowledgment is also their due.

No less am I indebted to my many collaborators in the literary work, to the draughtsmen who have prepared the numerous illustrations, and to the manufacturers and merchants who have allowed me to illustrate and describe their specialities. To each and all of them I tender my most hearty thanks.

A serious attempt has been made to render the book a thoroughly comprehensive one upon all matters connected with ordinary building practice, other than such as depend only upon taste and a knowledge of architectural styles and details. To have included these in the same series would have increased the Volumes or their number beyond all reasonable limit; but at least it is hoped that what has been included has been well done, for no pains have been spared upon the part of either the contributors or the illustrators, who have all done their best to produce a thoroughly reliable work.

G. A. T. Middleton.