As a rule, a room for cookery, laundry, handicraft, science, or drawing will serve more than one school when it is provided, as a centre, in a convenient position. Every centre should have its cloakroom and lavatory.

A Cookery Centre should accommodate 12 to 18 at practice, or 36 to 54 at demonstration. The larger size requires 750 superficial and 10,500 cubic feet. Provision for scullery work is necessary, and the sink should be in full view of teacher and children.

A Gallery or Platform with desks should be provided for 36 to 54, according to size of room. Floor space for practical work should be about 20 square feet for each, exclusive of any encumbrance.

Cookery Room Ventilation requires special arrangements. Where a gas stove is used, a pipe should be fixed to carry off fumes.