Separate Staircases are necessary for boys and girls, and each department should have its own. They must be fireproof, external to halls, corridors, or rooms, and winders must not be used. Each step should be about 13 inches broad and not more than 5 1/2 to 6 inches high ; flights should be short, and landings unbroken with steps. The number of staircases must be sufficient not only for daily use, but for rapid exit in case of fire or panic. Any upper floor for more than 250 requires a second staircase.

Cloakrooms and Lavatories Cloakrooms should not be passages, should be external to school and classrooms, lighted from end, and not placed against a gable wall, which should be fully utilised for windows to give light in rooms for teaching. There should be separate egress and ingress, so that the children can enter and leave without.

crowding, with gangways at least 4 feet between hanging rails. Hat-pegs should be 12 inches apart, numbered, and of two tiers, and not directly one above the other.

Lavatory basins are required, with a larger number in girls' schools than for boys or infants. A lock-up slop sink, water tap, and cupboard is desirable for the caretaker's use.

Thorough ventilation and disconnection are essential, so that no smell is carried into the school. Ample space is needed outside a cloakroom.