A large school should provide, for the use of teachers, a small room or rooms, with a store for books and other material adjoining, and suitable lavatory accommodation, etc.

Teachers' House When provided, this should contain parlour, kitchen, scullery, and three bedrooms, the smallest dimensions approved being:-



Parlour .

14 by 12

by 9 to ceiling or wall-plate

Kitchen .

12 by 12

by 9 do. do.

1 Bedroom.

14 by 12

by 8 if ceiled at wall-plate, or

2 Bedrooms

12 by 8

7 feet to wall-plate and 9 feet to ceiling.

The residence must be planned so that no room is a passage room and no chimneys are on external walls, and with no internal communication between residence and school. The windows should be carried up as near ceiling as practicable, and there should be a separate and distinct yard with offices. No dwelling house should be built as part of the schoolhouse.