Having provided for the rapid exit of the people from a theatre, and for their protection against the danger of being overcome by fumes, it is of further importance that material to produce a fire shall be reduced as far as possible. All woodwork, hangings, decorations, scenes, and stuffs of all descriptions, including flimsy dresses, should be rendered non-inflammable by chemical treatment, and maintained in this condition. Air space behind woodwork must be carefully avoided. The use of woodwork upon the stage should be avoided as far as possible; it is, of course, necessary for the actual flooring of the stage, but it may be made of hard wood carefully jointed and of moderate thickness. Wire ropes wherever possible should be substituted for hempen ones, as the latter may readily lead to the spread of fire.

• All stores, scene stores, shops, etc., where fires are very liable to originate, and particularly the heating apparatus, should, if possible, be completely isolated from the theatre. If this is not possible they must be divided from it by thoroughly fire-resisting walls; while if openings be made in these they should be covered with double fire-resisting doors.