Square 8vo. Illustrated with numerous formulas, diagrams and tables. $5.00.

"The author furnishes to any earnest student the opportunity to acquire, so far as books will teach, the knowledge necessary to erect safely any building. First comes an in-troductory chapter on the Strength of Materials. This chapter gives the value of, and explains briefly, the different terms used, such as stress, strain, factor-of-safety, centre of gravity, neutral axis, moment of inertia, etc. There follows a series of chapters, each dealing with some part of a building, giving practical advice and numerous calculations of strength ; for instance, chapters on foundations, walls and piers, columns, beams, roof and other trusses, spires, masonry, girders, inverted and floor arches, sidewalks, stairs, chimneys, etc."

These papers are the work of a practising architect, and not of a mere bookmaker or theorist. Mr. Berg, aiming to make his work of the greatest value to the largest number, has confined himself in his mathematical demonstrations to the use of arithmetic, algebra, and plane geometry. In short these papers are in the highest sense practical and valuable.

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