IN presenting the second volume of "Safe Building" to the public, a few words of explanation seem in place. In the preliminary announcement it was said that there might "possibly" be added, chapters on Drainage, Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilating; the work, however, is of sufficient length without these subjects, and as they really form separate studies from those of construction, it has been thought best to omit them.

While the first volume of this work, which has been before the public for several years, has been favorably received, criticisms have been made on the absence of an index and on the meagre treatment of iron constructions. These wants are supplied by Volume II. The writer believes that no fuller or clearer treatment of riveted girders, or of truss work generally has been published than will be found in this volume; while he has personally prepared the index with the greatest care, in order to adapt the work for reference, as well as for study. The reference tables at the end of Volume II have all been newly made up and carefully corrected ; they are so numerous that it is believed that every table needed by an architect in his practice will be found there, avoiding the necessity of other hand-books. Throughout both volumes the writer has carefully read all proofs to insure correctness.

The work has extended over several years; this has not been due to any lack of enterprise or liberality on the part of the publishers ; but to the fact that the study, writing, and proof-reading had to be done in such time as the writer could secure outside the duties of an exacting professional practice.