Print about two shades darker than desired when finished. Flatten the prints as directed for collodion paper and then wash through six changes of clear water, handling the prints over each time, then tone in the following bath:

Water............................ 60 oz.

Salt.............................. 60 err.

Sat. Solution Acetate Soda - 1/2 oz. Chloride of Gold..............1 dram.

Sal Soda or Borax, enough to turn red litmus paper blue in 4 or 5 minutes.

Make this bath up from one to two hours before use. Add gold enough to keep speed of bath six or eight minutes. Tone in this bath to any point you desire prints when finished. After toning, place in clear water-When ready to fix, rinse thoroughly through two clear waters. Fix in plain hypo, fifteen grains hydrometer test, for fifteen minutes, wash one hour in running water-Mount with any good fresh paste and lay out to dry quickly. In cold weather always temper all water to about sixty-five or seventy degrees. The salt in the toning bath restrains the high lights from overtoning and brings the high lights and shadows up clear at the same time, also saving the fine detail in white drapery. If you are not using it, try it and you will not be without it. Acetate of soda is a neutral salt and you need not be afraid that it will make bath alkaline. Muddy shadows and yellow whites and lack of brilliancy mean that your bath is too alkaline. Blue edges to the vignettes and bleaching in toning bath, signify an acid bath. Remedy, add a few drops of alkali.

A November Sunset.

A November Sunset.

Fred'k K. Lawrence, Chicago.