973. Water Conveniences

Water Conveniences. Where city water can be had there should be at least one tap in the dark-room and one in the finishing-room, arranged over the sink. Where running water cannot be had, a large barrel may be arranged in one corner, over the sink. The barrel should be elevated about three feet above the sink, so as to give some pressure. A hose can be attached to a tap in the barrel, to conduct the water anywhere you desire.

974. Exterior Of Building

Exterior Of Building. The studio is best built with a hip roof, with a square front.

975. Building Material

Building Material. There are three ways of erecting such a building. First, by using matched lumber outside and lining the inside also with narrow matched lumber, using the same material for the ceiling, and then finish all in natural wood. A second way would be to build what is known as a plank frame building, using inch boards, upright, in place of matched lumber and then siding the outside. Both make a solid, firm building. A third way would be to make the framework of studding, 2x4 inches, and board the outside first and then side over the boards, and finally lath and plaster the inside. The partitions can be made of inch matched lumber. For all practical purposes either of the first two constructions would be considered best, and can be constructed for from $300 to $400.