835. The regulation of prices to be charged for different grades of work depends largely upon the class of trade you are catering to. Where exclusive trade is solicited, usually no pictures are made under $8.00 a dozen, and the pictures at this price are small or cabinet size, the prices on the larger sizes being made in proportion, often extending to $40.00 and $50.00 per dozen, and still higher. Studios doing a general photographic business, catering to the "masses," will very likely be called upon to supply work at from $4.00 per dozen upward, and many times a special picture at $3.00 is made. The prices asked for the highest grade must be determined by the quality of work you are capable of producing, and a great deal also depends upon the individuality of the photographer.

836. There are cases where a photographer can handle trade at $3.00 and trade paying as high as $25.00 per dozen, in the same studio. Such a studio must do good, clean work, regardless of grade, and the personality of the photographer has much to do with the successful sale of the high-priced work. In regulating the prices for such studios, a special picture mounted upon an exclusive mount is made for, say, $6.00 per dozen. This class of picture must be very good, and suitable for all classes of trade. It should be well finished and the picture mounted on a neat, solid mount, or even in a simple folder.

837. All grades less than $6.00 per dozen are usually mounted solid on some stock mount, the quality of the mount being determined by the price of the picture. The $4.00 and $5.00 styles should be good serviceable mounts, of good stock, while if a $3.00 picture is made the stock in the mount is usually of light weight and cheaper quality. This grade of picture is seldom exhibited, and only when called for and a higher grade cannot be sold.

838. The grades over $6.00 are usually finished in platinum or carbon, and mounted in folders, or embossed in different ways. The styles of the folders, style of the print, and the general improvement of the appearance of the pictures regulate the price asked for them. The higher grade work should also be delivered in neatly provided boxes or cases in keeping with the class of work.