16. Subject Material

Subject Material. Aside from the photographing of individual subjects, such as a store window, a residence, a particular piece of furniture, etc., there are far wider fields of operation, which are very remunerative, besides being extremely interesting and fascinating. What could be more enjoyable than to make a series of photographs of vegetables and flowers for a seed catalog; a series of pictures of a particular type of residence for the architect; a series of photographs of residences for a real-estate dealer; a collection of photographs of stained-glass windows for the manufacturer of them; a series of photographs of fowls for the catalog of a bird fancier; the exterior view, as well as a large number of interiors of a factory, to illustrate its working equipment, and, incidentally, to be used in a catalog; a series of photographs of various styles of trunks, valises, etc., for the manufacturer of leather goods, to illustrate a catalog; a series of photographs of glassware, furniture, etc.? There is an endless number of subjects which may be classified, all requiring the services of the photographer in order to reproduce the articles most truthfully and show to the purchaser the actual appearance of the various articles for sale.

17. With the advent of the mail-order business, in which practically everything depends upon the catalog to effect the sale, the demands upon commercial photography have increased with great rapidity, until today there is not a branch of commercial life that does not, in some way or another, depend upon the photographer and his camera.

18. But, commercial photography goes still farther than this. It includes the making of post-cards, the operating of studios at summer resorts, the making of tin-types, the procuring of stereoscopic views, photographing of groups in factories and stores, securing special illustrations for catalogs, book cover illustrations, making of photographs to illustrate songs, illustrating novels, stories, etc. In fact, there is an endless field for the photographer who actually means business and wishes to make the most of his opportunity.