401. Portraits Of Men

Portraits Of Men. Illustration No. 54 presents a most careless position, easy and characteristic of the subject. The arm resting on the settee appears natural. The hand supporting the head, being posed with its narrowest side to the camera, does not appear large, nor does it detract from the features of the face. The thumb of the right hand resting in the trouser pocket, with the natural arrangement of the coat, and the subject reclining on the settee, breaks the straight line formed by the back of the settee and gives the entire picture an air of ease and comfort.

402. In Illustration No. 55 is exhibited a type of man of action and commanding ability, which is easily recognized by his picture. In his position, sitting on the end of the table, he appears easy, and the arrangement of the hands and his whole attitude denotes the character of the man. He is a business man of high ability.

403. In order to make a success of men's portraits, the photographer should be a close student of human nature. He should study his subjects so that he will be able to instill into the portrait that something which will, in an unmistakable, yet unobtrusive manner, suggest the profession, or calling, of the man.