592. Order Of Procedure In Making Flashlight Portraits

Order Of Procedure In Making Flashlight Portraits.

(a) Remove the little alcohol lamp and fill it with the required amount of alcohol; then put the lamp back in position on the apparatus-being sure the end of the brass tube is inserted in the back of the lamp-frame. (See Illustration No. 37, page 224, Vol. VI.)

(b) Place the powder in the pan, spreading it out, being sure that it is all collected at the central point.

(c) Place lamp in position, so that the light will fall properly on the subject.

(d) Pose the subject.

(e) Place the camera in proper position and focus. (f) Connect the bulb of the camera with the flashlight bulb.

(g) Close the shutter of the camera and put sensitive plate in position.

(h) Light the burner of the flashlamp.

Illustration No. 83 Flashlight Portraiture Rembrandt Lighting Portrait and Room See Paragraph No. 591

Illustration No. 83 Flashlight Portraiture-Rembrandt Lighting-Portrait and Room See Paragraph No. 591.

Illustration No. 85. Nichols' Flash lamp Groups

Illustration No. 85. Nichols' Flash-lamp-Groups.

See Paragraph No. 602..

(i) Stand at arm's length and press the bulb, being sure that the sitter has proper expression, etc.

593. Warnings

Warnings. Never place the powder on the pan when the burner is lighted.

Never pour the powder from the box into the pan.

Never pour the powder in a heap or pile - spread it out as much as possible.

Never have the face close to the lamp when lighting it - always stand at arm's length, and back of the lamp.

Always use a spoon, measuring cup or the cap on the box for putting the powder into the pan.

594. Smoke

Smoke. The smoke caused by one exposure should be expelled from the room before a second is attempted. Smoke from flash powder first goes straight up and will pass off if given a chance. A window, skylight or ventilator open at the top, on two sides of the room, or any other means of securing a draught at the top of the room, will usually drive the smoke out promptly, if it is not allowed to settle.

595. The Skylight

The Skylight. A skylight is a convenience in focusing, but when using the majority of flashlight compounds the exposure is so short that even on a bright day its effect will not be noticeable in the result.

596. Plates

Plates. Fast plates should always be used. They require less powder, therefore less smoke is produced. Many claim that backed or color sensitive plates should be employed, but there is so little advantage in either that it is advisable to stick to the brand of plates you are using, providing they are fast.