367. Photographs For Advertising

Photographs For Advertising. The publicity department of this company also makes extensive use of the photographs of completed installations. Articles are prepared by the department's technical writer describing the equipment in detail. This article is mimeographed, and a copy, together with a set of the views, sent to a large number of publications likely to be interested.

368. Photographs of important pieces of work are taken as they progress through the shop, as, for instance, a group of views of a steam turbine in different stages of completion. (See Illustration No. 78.) These are used to familiarize those in both the mechanical and business departments with the work which is being done, as well as to assist in accomplishing the other ends which have already been mentioned. Copies of all photographs are filed in a

System for Handling Construction Work. 205 vertical file in the photographic department. For this purpose they are mounted on a piece of white 6-ply cardboard, 8 1/2 x ll 1/2 inches in size. The prints are attached only at the upper edge, as pasting over the entire surface would inevitably cause a warping of the cards, making them very inconvenient to handle in the file.* The upper margin of the card is printed with suitable blanks for records, as shown in the reproduction. They are, for the most part, indexed under the name of the installation, as "Patapsco," "Kern River," and the like, as well as being cross-indexed for the kind of equipment, as "Steam Turbines," "Dynamos."

* Prints may be mounted solid to the cardboard, if dry mounting-tissue is employed. This tissue, together with the simple manner of applying it, is thoroughly described in Volume IV.