964. Binding Strips

Binding Strips. Binding strips are manufactured in two grades. The best grade is made of bookbinders' black cloth, which is highly recommended on account of its everlasting qualities. The other grade is made of extra tough black paper and has been on the market for years. These strips are coated on one side with a special gum, which is the strongest adhesive known. They are cut the exact size for the standard lantern-slide, and packed neatly in long cardboard boxes. (See Illustration No. 24.)

Illustration No. 25 Box for Lantern Slides See Paragraph No. 965

Illustration No. 25 Box for Lantern-Slides See Paragraph No. 965.

965. Caring For The Finished Lantern-Slide

Caring For The Finished Lantern-Slide. The lantern-slides, after binding, should be placed in boxes especially built for this purpose. The ordinary lantern-slide box is made of wood. Cardboard partitions separate the slides to insure safety, at the same time offering great compactness. (See Illustration No. 25.)

966. These boxes will keep the plates free from dust, and at the same time prevent their becoming scratched or broken.