Detailed Instruction

957. Negative Quality

Negative Quality. "Artura" is the original contact developing paper that will register the values of a negative, such as regularly made for printing-out papers. The advantage of this quality can readily be appreciated, as it enables the professional photographer to take up the developing process without having to modify or change his methods of negative making. The necessity of making a special negative for a printing process is a serious proposition. The photographer may be well grounded in a method of making satisfactory negatives, but to change in order to accommodate a paper upsets an entire experience and manner of skylight and dark room work. The most desirable negative is one of medium density and contrast. A thin flat negative is no more desirable than a harsh con-trasty one. Fully timed negatives, not over developed, will prove the best printers. The color of a negative is also important. A slight yellow color, as is generally obtained with pyro, is not objectionable, but too much of it should be avoided, as it slows the printing and increases the contrast of the negative.

958. The following table gives the speed of the different brands of "Artura" with negatives of medium density; also the printing contrast of each brand:







Carbon Black



Carbon Green








Hard, Medium and Soft

FAST SPEED. - 10 seconds exposure one foot from 16 candle-power incandescent light.

REGULAR SPEED. - 30 seconds exposure one foot from Welsbach gaslight.

SLOW SPEED. - 20 to 30 seconds exposure with daylight.

959. Printing Lights

Printing Lights. For printing the fast paper, yellow artificial light, such as oil lamp, ordinary gaslight, incandescent electric light, etc., is suitable. Weak subdued daylight may also be used. For printing the slower papers, a white or actinic artificial light may be used; such as Welsbach gas light, diffused arc light, Cooper-Hewitt light, etc. Diffused daylight is also suitable. For printing the slowest paper, use the direct rays of an arc lamp, or north daylight.

960. The two most widely used brands of " Artura," are "Iris" and "Carbon Black."

961. "Carbon Green" and "Chloride" are also excellent papers, simple in manipulation, producing prints of fine quality.

962. Carbon Green Artura produces excellent green carbon effects with regular developer and without special treatment of any kind. Its printing quality makes it very suitable for portraiture, and for landscapes and marines it is unequaled. It possesses soft printing quality and is best adapted to the stronger grades of negatives.

963. Artura Chloride is a paper simple in manipulation, and is intended to produce soft, artistic effects without lustre.