502. One of the most serious handicaps to photographers has been their inability to finish orders on printing-out papers on dark, cloudy days. The Aristo Lamp has been brought into use not only for portraiture, but also for printing, and the Aristo printing cabinet, shown in Illustration No. 8, is so arranged that the printing frames receive a perfectly even illumination. This cabinet is fifty inches in diameter, five feet high, weighing about 112 pounds. The top and bottom sections each contain ten 8 x 10 size printing frames; the central portion is divided into ten sashes, each of which will carry four 5x7 frames. Thus it will be seen that when the cabinet is completely filled with frames it has a capacity of forty 5x7 and twenty 8 x 10 size frames.

Illustration No. 9 1/2

Vignetting Card for Gaslight Prints

See Paragraph No. 801

Printing Cabinet For Electric Light 040024Illustration No. 8 Aristo Printing Cabinet See Paragraph No. 502

Illustration No. 8 Aristo Printing Cabinet See Paragraph No. 502.

HOMEWARD BOUND Study No. 15 See Page 386 By R. E. Weeks

HOMEWARD BOUND Study No. 15 See Page 386 By R. E. Weeks.

503. Should one desire to work only a portion of the capacity of the cabinet, and handle a fewer number of frames, all one needs to do is to place pieces of cardboard in the openings not occupied by frames.

504. In case it is desired to print from 11 x 14 or 14 x 17 size frames, one can easily remove one of the sashes and fit the larger frame in the space made by the removal of the sash.

505. The cabinet is made to revolve and can be turned by the simple pressure of a finger. A printer can sit in an ordinary office chair with a table for changing close by, and reach every frame in the cabinet, change his prints, etc., without moving his chair.