A correspondent of the British Journal of Photography suggests the following method for drying negatives over night in damp weather:

"At this damp season a good way to ensure your negatives being dry and ready by the first thing in the morning following development, is to hang on wall a wire negative rack to hold 24 negatives about a foot above a gas bracket, and between the two suspend from the rack horizontally an empty platinum can with cover on and a hole about the size of a penny, cut in the middle of the under side just over the burner. By leaving a very small jet of gas burning all night under the hole, it forms a hot-air chamber, and distributes heat equally the length of the rack. Of course, negatives must be wiped surface-dry with a chamois leather, as any spots of water left on would show.

"If center of can above the hole heats quicker than the ends, a small flat piece of tin slipped in over the hole compensates and distributes it better; one can soon regulate height of the flame to the greatest heat that can be safely used, and also the time wanted to dry."

From A Nepera Print By J. E. Ralston Seattle, Wash.

From A Nepera Print By J. E. Ralston Seattle, Wash.

Being The Leader By The Office Boy

The Boss says if you don't start you don't get nowhere - an' that gettin' away first gives you a big chance of breakin' the tape first if your wind holds out. Guess he must have been thinkin' of foot racin'. I ust to run foot races when I was a kid. (I aint a kid no more, commenct shavin, las' week - wisht I'd used a safety.) The Boss says some one has to run the leadin' studio in his town an' that it might jus' as well be him. He sure has got the people comin', an' it looks as though he was doin' it easy, but he aint.

The Boss says you got to give the people a dollar's worth for their dollar, an' make 'em think they are gettin' a dollar and a half's worth. Every minute he's busy - an' he covers every inch of the place every day seein' that things is going right. He won't stand for me slightin' any corners when I sweep out, an' he won't stand for sloppy mountin' or uneven prints - an' every mornin' he's shined and slicked up an' all the rest of us got to be too, whether we're where his customers can see us or not. The Boss says if he keeps us slicked up we got to keep the whole place slicked up so we won't get mussed by bumpin' into some unslicked up place.

Every time any of the factory folks says they've got somethin' new the Boss he tries it - gee but the demonstrators have it soft with him - an' if he likes the new stuff he don't say, "Guess I'll try that out nex' season" - Nix, he tries it out right away an' before any of the rest of the bunch in the town wakes up he has a new show case display an' mos' always a ad in the newspapers - aint much dull season with us.

The Boss says bein' a leader aint no snap, but it's more profitable.