I'm goin' to the E. K. School again this year - me. an' the Boss, and Jimmie the printer.

Las' year was the first time I ever slep in a sleepin' car, an' in the mornin' when I woke up I forgot where I was an' jumped up an' whacked my dome so hard I mos' broke my main spring.

The Boss is goin' to have a lot of things done while we're away. Studio all repainted and papered, new curtains in the operatin' room says he wont have no time to do it when he gets back.

He was out in the operatin' room the other day showin' the paint man what he wanted done when a chap comes in an' asts him does he want to buy any chemicals. Maybe, says the Boss, an' the man says the photographers is all payin' too much for their chemicals, an' he can sell 'em to 'em for about half what what they are payin' the stock house man.

Are your chemicals strictly high-grade? asts the Boss. Well now, says the man, chemicals is jus' chemicals, and all this talk about high-grade and low grade chemicals is mos'ly in your eye.

Is that so? says the Boss, maybe you think us photographers aint gettin' waked up on this chemical question, an' maybe we aint some posted as whether the

Iow priced chemicals is the cheapest or not.

Sposin' I spend half a day out here under the light makin' some corkin' negatives, an' when I am ready to put 'em in the tank to develop I don't know the strength of my developer, I'm up against it good an' hard, aint I, an' sposin' I save half a cent or even five cents an ounce on my sodas, an' don't get the best results on the four or five dollars worth of plates, to say nothin' of my time, I'm ahead, not.

No, sir, we've been gettin' posted, an' we know that the common garden variety of carbonate mos' usually has a lot of things in it besides carbonate, such as silicic acid, sulphuric acid, arsenic, lime, phosphoric acid, hypo, bi-carbonate, and some every day dirt thrown in for good measure. Sulphite aint so bad, the impurity is mos'ly sulphate, don' do any harm, but you can't tell how much is sulphate an' how much is sulphite, an' when you go to weigh out your stuff accordin' to formula, you're only guessin', says the Boss, I pay good money for my chemicals when they have that little C. K. C. Tested Chemical label on 'em then I know where I'm at.

The Boss aint no tight wad an' he was born near Joplin.