I don' know whether I am going to get a raise of pay or get tired. Ever since the Boss got back from that Eastman School (yep, gone a week) he's been flyin' around the place from mornin' till night stirrin' up things. Mos'ly when he gets back from a trip he sits around for a day or so talkin' with the head printer about the shows he's seen and how he aint so young as he onct was. Nix on the sit down this time though. First thing when he gets back he grabs me and says, "Jimmie, clean out that store room" - then he has a man in to put up a couple of new shelves, an' then the stuff begins to come in from the the stock house. My back was mos' broke from usin' the nail puller. - Two new five seven plate tanks and one ole socker, a eight by ten. Three cases of Pollychrome plates. 1 ast the Boss was they somethin' for the parrot that hangs in the reception room to eat off (that's when I thought I was goin' to get fired). I went an' had another look at the cases and saw it was 'Poly" stead of ' Polly." and they was only dry plates after all.

The Boss was awful interested in them plates, though. You know that when folks used to come in to see about having some pictures took, he used to tell 'em what to wear, an' what colors wouldn't show up - an' he used to groan every time he seen a red headed woman come in. Secon' day he was home he has his oldest girl, Sadie (she's a peach, too) and one of her chums come down, with a whole suit case full of clothes - all sorts of colors, an' he spends most all day mak-in' negatives on them new Polychromes. Gee! he couldn't hardly wait to get 'em out of the tank - an' maybe you think they wasent beauts. The Boss says the color values was immense, I don' know what he means, but one of Sadie's dresses was red and black, and there was a heap of difference between the reds and the blacks in the Poly negatives, when there wouldn't have been hardly any with the regular kind.

The retoucher said he was fraid of losing his job if the Boss kept on makin' negatives like that. The Boss keeps on pullin' out books full of notes he made at the school, and keeps changin' things around; the printer an' the finish-in' room men didn't like it at first, but now they keep goin' to the Boss for more new stunts. - Wait till you see some of the new double printed Aristos Jimmie is makin'.

The Boss says he never had such a good time lookin' and listenin' before in his life, and that he never knew before how much he dident know - an he says nex' year he's goin' to take all us fellers.

From A Collodio Carbon Print By Kandeler Bros. St. Louis, Mo.

From A Collodio-Carbon Print By Kandeler Bros. St. Louis, Mo.

When I get through with that an' the convention I'll be wise all right.