The average photographer is occasionally called upon to photograph floral pieces and as a rule finds it rather hard to suitably arrange a number of pieces. A photographer located near a prominent florist's writes: "As we often have to photograph floral designs, we have been compelled to find a suitable way to get good results. We use a large frame covered with a wire screen to which the floral pieces may be attached with small wire hooks. The frame may be set at any angle, being supported by props at the sides. A suitable ground may be used behind the screen and the mesh of the wire will not be at all objectionable in the picture."

If you have a bottle in the darkroom containing a solution you particularly wish to designate from other solutions, or if you have bottles about the studio containing poisons, they may be readily distinguished by placing several pins through the corks from the under side. The business ends of the pins projecting from the tops of the corks will quickly remind the careless person of the nature of the contents.

In flowing the back of a negative with Ground Glass Substitute, never drain the solution back into the bottle. The solution which has been so exposed to the air has partially evaporated and the surplus solution should not go back into the bottle to contaminate the unused portion. Never leave the bottle uncorked.

While stained fingers have not been in evidence so much since the introduction of the plate tank, there are still many who use tray development and consequently are possessors of beautifully colored nails and fingers.

This stain may readily be removed even though it has been on the fingers for some time, or the remedy may be applied each day after developing and the hands kept perfectly clean.

Dissolve 1/3 ounce of potassium permanganate in 8 ounces of water. The stained fingers should be rubbed well with this solution which will stain them a deep rich brown. Rub the fingers thoroughly with a saturated solution of potassium metabisulphite and both the pyro and permanganate stains will be removed and the fingers will be perfectly clean. The hands should of course be well rinsed afterwards.

To remove stains from under the nails, use a brush to apply the two solutions. We know of no ill effects resulting from the proper use of the above remedy.

From An Artura Iris Print By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

From An Artura Iris Print By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

December. The Only Condition

December The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1911 225

For Christmas, Have you thought of portraits as a solution to the gift problem? A dozen of your portraits made in one of our new distinctive styles will make twelve appropriate gifts, each one of which is sure to be appreciated.

December. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1912

New York City .........Jan. 16, 17, 18

Boston, Mass............Jan. 23, 24, 25

Montreal, Can..........Jan. 30, 31, Feb. 1

Toronto, Can. ...........Feb. 6, 7, 8

The Eastman School of Professional Photography will open the season of 1912 in New York City with a better and more interesting course of instruction than ever before. There will be many added features that are entirely new and novel and the old features that are retained will be improved upon in so many ways that we can truly say, the school will be entirely new.

To those who have previously seen the school, it will be well worth another visit; to those who have never attended, the opportunity should not be allowed to pass. It will pay you many times over in dollars and cents for the three days you are away from your business.