The firm of Knaffl & Brake-bill, successors to the old and well-known firm of Knaffl Bros., has a wide reputation for the production of very fine portraits. And that the reputation is well deserved will be seen by the series of excellent illustrations Ave are privileged to reproduce in this number of Studio Light.

These pictures have been selected from the ordinary run of work which is being daily delivered to customers, as by such selection we hope to give our readers an idea of the character of work approved by the public as well as the individuality of the photographer.

Mr. Brakebill received his early training with Mr. Knaffl, later conducting his own studio for a number of years. During this time, with the unselfish spirit so characteristic of the South, the two remained warm personal friends, and about four years ago entered into their present agreeable partnership.

Mr. Knaffl has been in business in Knoxville for twenty-five years, and has gradually become more and more interested in the art side of photography, while Mr. Brakebill devotes all his time to portrait photography and is thoroughly in love with his work. The combination is a good one and the firm is exceptionally prosperous.

One of the rather original and interesting features of this studio is the construction and use of a double skylight. An east single-slant light furnishes most of the illumination for the subject, while a smaller and very high single-slant north light is used to balance the light, giving definition in the shadows and preserving the general tonal quality. Such a light gives excellent effects with expert handling, but requires great care to prevent false lights at cross purposes with the main source of illumination.

The lower portion of the east light is fitted with a seat and window casement for making home-portrait effects in the studio.

Our illustrations are reproduced from Artura Iris prints, Artura being the paper used exclusively in this studio.

From An Artura Iris Print By Knaffl & Brakebill Knoxville, Tenn.

From An Artura Iris Print By Knaffl & Brakebill Knoxville, Tenn.

Help To Swell The Relief Fund For Photographers In Flood Districts

Many photographers throughout the country have suffered heavy losses from the recent floods, and a committee of dealers and photographers has been hurriedly formed to secure funds for the relief of those who have lost their all in these disasters.

Studios have been swept away, homes destroyed, and many of the profession left without means of support. Your help is needed, and that your contribution may reach those who are suffering, at the earliest possible moment, you are requested to send same to Mr. L. A. Dozer, Bucyrus, Ohio, Treasurer of the P. A. of A., who has consented to act as Treasurer of the Relief Committee.

The need of money to relieve suffering is urgent and the cause is a worthy one. Every case will be investigated by the Relief Committee and the money spent where it will do the greatest amount of good.

A number of subscriptions have already been received, but much more money is needed.

People do not want photographs at such a time, but the photographer and his family must live - must have food. Make your donation quickly and make it as-large as you can afford, but make it.

Every dollar sent Mr. Dozer will help some unfortunate brother photographer who would be as willing to help you were conditions reversed.