The price of glass suitable for photographic purposes has nearly doubled since the outbreak of the war. This continued advance in the price of glass, together with the depletion of stocks purchased before the war, has made a slight advance in prices necessary.

Our customers have had and will continue to have the full benefit of our earlier purchases of glass. The present increase in the price of plates is by no means in proportion to their increased cost, based on the present price of glass, but is based on our present approximate average cost. Of course, if present conditions continue for an extended period this average cost of glass will continue to increase and a further advance in plate prices will become imperative.

Ninety per cent, of the trouble that came last August in the sky-rocketing of chemical prices was due to the fact that, in many cases, both dealers and photographers tried to load up with a year's supply. Such slight actual shortage as existed was made much worse by those people who ordered in one lump more chemicals than they would ordinarily sell or consume in a whole year. To prevent, so far as possible, a similar condition in the plate business, it is our intention to accept orders only in such quantities as are warranted by the actual requirements.So long as present conditions continue abroad all quotations on plates and chemicals should be considered subject to change without notice.

H. Q. Sargent

As we are going to press we learn with regret of the death of Mr. H. Q. Sargent of Cleveland, Ohio, on April 15th. The funeral, which took place April 17th, was attended by a large body of photographers. Mr. Sargent was the oldest dealer in photographic supplies in the United States, having reached the age of seventy-six. He started in business in 1870, was always active in public affairs, as well as a prominent figure in photographic circles.He was Director of Public Schools from 1892 to 1900, and at the time of his death was a member of the G. A. R., Loyal Legion and Knights of Pythias, and was President of the Union Savings and Loan Co. and Director of the State Banking and Trust Co.

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By N. Brock Aaheville, N. C.

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By N. Brock Asheville, N. C.