The business side of photography will be well taken care of at the Indianapolis Convention, July 19 to 24.Mr. Charles Weir, chief correspondent of the Larkin Soap Company, Buffalo, N. Y., and author of several books on business correspondence, has been engaged to give a lecture based on his experience in dealing with people through the mail. Mr. Weir is well informed on this subject and will be able to give some valuable information that will help photographers to build up a more permanent patronage.

Very much of the success of the Larkin Company is due to the work of Mr. Weir, who has been able through his department to build up a wonderful business in distributing goods "From Factory to Family." He is going to suggest how photographers may build up their business through personal contact, by telling what he has been able to do despite the difficulties incident to doing business by correspondence.

Mr. J. C. Abel has prepared a new lecture on "Studio Bookkeeping Systematized and Simplified," which will be given at Indianapolis for the first time. He has employed an expert accountant to examine the books of several studios of different grades and from the figures gathered in these studios he has worked out a bookkeeping system that will enable any proprietor to tell at a glance just how his accounts stand.

In this lecture Mr. Abel has rounded together a great deal of information and has boiled down his material to the essence of sound sense and modern business practice.

He will tell you how other photographers in systematizing their business have succeeded, where others have failed, and how you may avoid similar mistakes. If you are really interested in making your business more profitable you cannot afford to miss this lecture.One entire afternoon will be devoted to an old fashioned experience meeting in which every photographer will be given an opportunity to tell, in his own way, some of the things that have helped make his business successful.Under the able direction of President Towles, who has conducted similar meetings at various state conventions, this interchange of ideas will be most helpful.Do not fail to think of the Indianapolis Convention as a meeting that will help you to be a better business man.

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By N. Brock Asheville, N. C.