The Eastman Professional School is not a "stand-pat" proposition - it is progressive - decidedly progressive. Its success depends upon its progressive policy, and no one can say it has not been successful. Each year has seen a new school start out - each school has been better and bigger and broader than that of the year before, and the interest has increased so materially that it has come to be looked upon as an institution.

And so it is. Nothing of the nature of the Eastman Professional School has ever been attempted on such broad lines, and no one who has ever attended the School can complain of any narrowness in its policy.

Whenever you may be or whatever goods you may use in your studio, you are welcome to the sessions of this School, and no questions are asked. Neither are you asked to buy anything, for the

School has nothing for sale. The instruction in every branch of the school work is intended to help you to be a better and more efficient workman, regardless of whether you are using the products of the Eastman Kodak Company or not.

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By Theo. Ragu St. Louis, Mo.

However, the School is not intended for you alone, Mr. Proprietor. You can often help yourself most by bringing your employees to the School and by so doing, help to make them more efficient workmen. Be broad yourself and do this much towards educating those whom you depend upon for much of your success. It will come back to you in better service.

Many photographers make the opportunity offered by the School the excuse for closing their studio for three days and make good advertising capital out of this yearly post-graduate course in photography. Their customers are informed that they have closed the studio for the purpose of attending the School - that they will return with new ideas and will be able to give their patrons the very latest things in photography.

The School has had new material and new features each year, one of the most interesting of which has been the lectures and demonstrations on commercial photography.There is a most profitable field in commercial work for almost every photographer, and many of the opportunities are almost totally undeveloped.

This part of the School will be even bigger and better the coming year, and more time will also be devoted to portrait work.

Business and advertising will come in for their share, and if photographers are to be known as a class of snappy business men, this part of the School work should be of equal interest with demonstrations and lectures on actual working problems.Make it a point to attend the 1915 School. In those places where the halls used in 1914 were found inadequate to accommodate the increased attendance, larger halls have been secured for the 1915 School so that everyone who attends may be comfortable.