Mr. H. Mishkin, the subject of this sketch, was born in Russia and landed in this country in 1884, a boy of thirteen years with the great New World before him. Its opportunities were unlimited, but what it held in store for him would be determined entirely by his own efforts.

Young Mishkin aspired to be a photographer and did not hesitate to accept a position as errand boy which paid him $1 00 a week. He was a good errand boy and a better student of retouching, and in just eighteen weeks had secured a position in another studio as proof retoucher. This led to a still better position as assistant retoucher and spotter and finally to a full fledged retoucher's position with Roseti on Fifth Avenue.

The climb from errand boy to retoucher was fairly fast and the progress made was encouraging, but it's a long step from a position as retoucher to the ownership of a Fifth Avenue studio. Mr. Mishkin worked for eleven years as a retoucher and when Roseti retired, opened a small studio for himself in Port Chester, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. Mishkin New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. Mishkin New York.

After five years experience in business for himself, he sold his studio at a fair profit and ventured to open a New York studio in the block on Fifth Avenue now occupied by Lord & Taylor. The beginning was very much of a struggle, but in three or four years results were more encouraging.

The real success of the studio may be said to have come with the opening of the Hammerstein Opera House on 34th Street. Mr. Mishkin was appointed the official photographer and his beautiful pictures of the opera stars soon made his name and his studio popular.

When the Metropolitan Opera Company took over the Hammerstein interests, Mr. Mishkin became their official photographer and has held this business for the last eight years. It has been profitable business and it has been good advertising.

Mr. Mishkin is a strong advocate of "bread and butter photography, and with a clean cut class of work, such as we show in our illustrations, has built up a very successful business from a patronage of the business and professional as well as the wealthy social set of New York.

Mr. Mishkin operates a studio in Brooklyn as well as in New York, but personally supervises the work of his Fifth Avenue studio, making all his sittings and attending to the details of the business. Our illustrations are from Artura prints, this being the paper used exclusively for the best work of this studio.