Three thousand dollars has been distributed in fourteen cash prizes to winners of the 1917 Kodak Advertising Competition.It was a big competition and the usual number of good pictures were entered, those which seemed to the judges to be most suitable for Kodak advertising being awarded the prizes.

The judges were fair-minded and impartial and the prize money was more evenly divided than in previous competitions, owing to the greater number of prizes.The appeal of the Kodak is so broad that just as no one idea can adequately cover the Kodak advertising field, no one picture or class of pictures can illustrate the many pleasurable phases of amateur photography. We are pleased with the result of the contest and the variety of material it has furnished us for another year's advertising.

In much of our advertising we depend almost entirely upon the selling argument the picture presents, and there must be no question about the picture getting the idea across.The more forceful we can make the selling argument the picture conveys in our Kodak advertising, the greater will be its influence on other advertisers.

Advertising Contest Results StudioLightMagazine1918 15


By Chas. Luedecke Philadelphia, Pa.

Look through the pages of the big American magazines, and the steadily increasing use of photographs that tell of the uses of the articles advertised, is quickly seen.

A good picture presents a selling argument more forcefully than type, but it is difficult for many advertisers to secure the right sort of pictures. Our contests have taught the photographer something of "selling appeal" requirements, and we trust has given him a clearer idea of the sort of human-interest pictures that make people want the articles the pictures advertise.

When we win this war, honest American-made goods must retain their prestige and honest American-made advertising will be drawn upon as never before. Just here there will be a great field for the photographer who has made a study of advertising requirements, who has ideas of his own or can take another's ideas and express them in pictures that will instantly attract the buying public.

Such pictures are required not only for general magazine advertising but for catalogues, trade magazines, booklets, mailing cards and every form of advertising that reaches the retailer and consumer. If you have some talent for such work, it is worth developing, for we are only one of hundreds of manufacturers who believe in the selling force of pictures.

The judges of the 1917 contest were Dudley Hoyt, New York City; Frank Scott Clark, Detroit, Mich.; A. C. G. Ham-mesfahr, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., P. F. Collier & Son, Inc., New York City; W. R. Hine, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Frank Seaman, Inc., New York City.

The awards were as follows:

First - George J. Botto, 16 West 45th St., New York city.......


Second - William She well Ellis, 1612 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. . .


Third - W. B. Stage, 743 Fifth Ave., New York City.......


Fourth - William Berger, Jr. 10 W. Chelton Ave., Germantown, Pa. . . .


Fifth - Edwin G. Dunning, 25 E. 65thSt., New York City.......


Sixth - Chas. Luedecke, Jr., 20 S. 52nd St., Philadelphia,Pa.........


Seventh - Fashion Camera Studios, 243 West 39th St., New York City . .


Eighth - William Shewell Ellis, Philadelphia, Pa. .


Ninth - Hobart V. Roberts, 1602 Sunset Ave., Uti-ca, N.Y......


Tenth - Edwin G. Dunning, New York City . . .


Eleventh - Hobart V. Roberts, Utica, N. Y. . .


Twelfth - Holmes I. Mettee, 2229 Mondawmin Ave., Baltimore, Md. . . .


Thirteenth - Chas. Luedecke, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa........


Fourteenth - Mrs. Arthur Bazille, 605 Carroll St., St. Paul, Minn. . . .


Advertising Contest Results StudioLightMagazine1918 17


By H. V. Roberts Utica, N. Y.